About Natalie

Natalie Ray,


Natalie Ray Designs, my studio, originated in 2000.  I am mesmerized by color and light.. always have been. I think I just see everything in vibrant color.

I love capturing memories.. memories in paint.  If it has some significant meaning to the client, I truly get a connection when working on the piece.  Over the years I have created several pieces of "first date" restaurants, a family's first home, favorite vacation spots, etc.

As of late, however, most of my commissions are of people: a child's championship team (baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.), children/grandchildren as a Mother's Day or Christmas gift and many engagement/wedding moments as a wedding gift. 

I would love to paint a special piece for you and help capture your special memories in paint!                    

                                                                                    -Natalie Ray